Hi, I’m Rebecca and welcome to A Record of Graces. When you first meet people, one of the first questions asked is, “Where are you from?”.  Good question. I have no ‘home base’ or home I grew up in to go back to with family still there. I grew up in the ministry, my parents being missionaries all my life. We started out in Lima, Peru. We were also missionaries in Mexico when I was little. Also worked with Hispanics in Connecticut in a bilingual work there. Graduated from high school in CT, went to college in PA. Met my husband at a Christian camp in NM. I taught school in a small church in NM after summer camp was over. Married.. then moved to WA State where he was serving in the Navy (and where our son was born a year and half later). Moved to NM to work in the same church I worked in before we married. Moved to KS as my husband was going back to school. Moved to OK where my husband went to Bible college. Moved to GA for a bit. And we are now living in TX where we work in a small church in Juárez, Mexico. We also live with and care for my dad who is still a missionary serving here Juárez as well.  Did you get all that? I know…it’s a lot.

So where I’m from is an interesting question. So is, “Where did you grow up?”. Depends on the year, I think. I was born in GA. That’s where I started. And that’s the short version.

I was saved by grace through faith and baptized at a young age. Being a missionary kid, I always felt a bit awkward around people, but totally at home with others like me who grew up on the mission field. Missionary kids are like magnets to each other. And even though I mostly grew up in the states, I still felt different.. not really “belonging’ to any youth group of any sort.  My ‘path’ hasn’t been a ‘straight one’ as far as places to live, but I do believe that God has a hand in it all. The struggles I’ve been through are not in vain as God has used them to help others.

The reason I write is in my first blog post, Grace Comes Along. I hope to be an encouragement and blessing here on A Record of Graces.